Our activities

design conception

KADRAL has its own Design studio. This ensures a dynamic approach to the philosophy of corporate projects, and contributes to finding solutions in terms of costs and production times.

This division, the infographic center, is organized as one of the most complete and efficient. It’s also the center of appropriated validation production options. KADRAL is oriented towards advanced solutions for specific sets of customers.

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layout developing

The ergonomic and functional optimization of your space is at the heart of reflection. Our team uses 3D software in order to visualize and guide customers towards ideal solutions. Whether for a renovation or new construction, the virtual display brings you directly inside the situation. This visibility guarantee you will avoid you a lots of unexpected troubles

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fabrication distribution

KADRAL produces all its furniture. Consistent with this approach, and this offers many advantages: continuous adaptation to changes desired by the market.

The ability to offer customized solutions including time and cost optimized. The warranty to maintain control of production. The brand produces a furniture range based on different materials: melamine, laminate, multiplex and HPL, Corian ... and others.

The workshop also produces most of the metal structures of the furniture.

To provide complete solutions, KADRAL also distributes furniture supplements from other brand partners,

to affirm the particular tendency of projects.

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Management logistics

On the field, KADRAL ensures the mounting and the placement of it's furniture. Thank's to a specialized teams KADRAL may intervene in the context of specific benefits, such as: removals, evacuation proceedings, access by external lift and even shipment.

Internally, the studio manages the monitoring of projects for the architects working on new constructions and provides  "As-built" plans and presentation slides.

Our "Kadral Facilities" program is dedicated to real estate operators managing significant areas.

This shared monitoring system included with performance: inventory, evaluation reports, the establishment of specific catalogs and production of 3D plans of the park. A system thatshow in detail all the furniture of your property and allow an efficient management.

Original and innovative, Kadral Facilities, lets you serenely monitoring the maintenance of all your fleet furniture and even to undertake its renewal. It is an adapted and individualized program corresponding to the specific expectations.

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Our technical means the complete solution for all your projects.

From design to installation, through manufacturing and packaging, our workshops mastered all the production steps of the furniture: programming and metallic laser cutting ; assembly and welding Semi or TIG ; digital edger based on an optimization program ; reduction of the wood falls and cuts in batches quantities. The gluing of the edges onto automated line and tape transportation.

KADRAL has a large clamping machine which allows us to have bonded assemblies and a very fast batch production.

All drilling operations and cutouts are performed using our digital 4 axis center and its distinctive tools distributed into a double automated warehouse. Designing and developing software allow to manage the changing ranges and produce furniture tailored on request.

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